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Global Climate Change
Renewable Energy
Keeling Climate Graph and Attenborough Climate Change Graphs
Articles - Climate Change
Saturday, 14 February 2009 14:01

Climate Change GraphIn March 1958 the US Weather Bureau agreed to set up continuous CO2 monitoring on Mauna Loa, under the direction of Charles Keeling. The result was the famous Keeling curve, a saw-toothed climate graph of inexorably rising CO2 concentrations.

Debate in TV show Agenda on climate change
Blogs - globalthinker's blog
Sunday, 25 January 2009 21:49

Climate Change Denier - Elisabet HöglundHöglund and Pontus Schultz debated in the Swedish TV show "Agenda" today. It was unclear what the objective of today's show was, perhaps only to debate whether climate change is debated enough - that is whether it is happening or not and if human activities are part of the change.

Höglund is obviously correct in that statement that there is a heated debate going on in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, Höglund believes that the debate is more important than taking action against climate change. She says that it is important to constantly present a 50/50 amount of arguments from both views, as if the views of commentators are more important than the scientific findings.

The environmental vote
Blogs - Guest Blog
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 11:16

Environmental voteHow will the American election yesterday reflect on the environmental issue? With the financial crisis at hand the climate issue has been pushed back into the shadows. A quick look at both candidates makes you think that the world outside USA does not exist. Yes Obama mentions it (it being the rest of the world). He will reengage with UN and the UNFCC. At least that's better than McCain who only talks about the national parks in USA (all important but lets face it, it won't save the world). So what will save us all?

Mankind's inventions, a source of eco problems
Blogs - globalthinker's blog
Friday, 17 October 2008 07:54

Leaf BlowerYesterday I woke up to the annoying sound of a leaf blower. The municipality were doing gardening work outside my apartment. I can't help but to think that the leaf blower is one of mankind's worst inventions.

The noise is just unbearable and the personnel is using both ear plugs and hearing caps to protect their hearing. Most of the leaf blowers run on gasoline which we now know is an energy source we will no longer have in 5 - 30 years depending on who you ask. And it's an obvious source of pollution.

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Why are we, the climate and the environment still suffering?
Blogs - globalthinker's blog
Wednesday, 08 October 2008 23:38

Since the year 2000, the year of my high school graduation, I've been asking myself why the world is still in such a bad shape. I studied natural science and technology, everything from chemistry to computer programming. Even with my then very limited view of the world I thought we could do better. I knew instinctively something was very wrong.

I had been tricked, duped and indoctrinated. For some reason I felt like I was worthless, an insignificant piece of the world, not only insignificant but even a burden to the world. As my understanding of the world progressed I have become able to express those feelings in writing - but more significantly by talking to people.

Eight years ago I had a vision of a world were humans didn't work to receive income to pay for their food, or to pay mortgages on their homes.

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